Mayflower Homemakers

Home Organization Services in Cape Cod, MA

Do you have a special cleanup request? Do you need help with your cluttered garage/basement? Do you need a move manager? Turn to Mayflower Homemakers for superior home organization services in Cape Cod, MA. We know you have a hectic schedule, and our home detail team is here to help you free up cluttered space so you can enjoy your home more. We believe everything has a place in a garage or basement, and we will help you straighten up these two areas.

Move Coordination Services

Basement and Garage Cleanout and Dump Run

We will work with you to find items for a garage sale. Any item not sold will be sent to the dump and placed into the community shed for free pickup for less fortunate families. Next, we will work with you to turn your basement and/or garage into another usable space by doing the following:

  • Clean Cobwebs Everywhere
  • Etch and Seal Floors and Paint
  • Fix Doors and Replace Door Openers
  • Fix Lighting Systems
  • Install Garage Organization Systems
  • Organize Walls and Workbenches
  • Power Sweep Garage and Floors
  • Tape and Paint Walls and Ceilings
House Clean Garage

Managed Move Coordination Services

Our company owner has experience coordinating the storage and movement of over $1B of raw materials and finished goods on a global stage. He brings this experience and applies it as your point person for your upcoming move. We can help you with the appraisal of household goods, estate and household sales, garage sales, dump runs, and closing date negotiations. Our service also includes a final detailed clean. We will do the following:

  • Appraise Furniture Not Making the Move
  • Coordinate a Garage Sale
  • Coordinate a Home Furnishing Sale
  • Coordinate an Estate Sale
  • Complete a Dump Run
  • Do a Final Clean of the Home in Preparation for the Realtor
  • Recommend Three Different Realtors in the Area
Elegant Curved Staircase