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Go about your daily business and leave the cleaning to us at Mayflower Homemakers. We have a solid history as a cleaning company in Cape Cod, MA. Since 1993, our team, including many of our original employees, has been proudly cleaning homes, offices, banks, and surgical centers in the area.

What Makes Us Unique?

Mayflower Homemakers takes pride in our attention to detail that is unique to our business model. Our cleaning company sends the same cleaning person or team to homes and businesses every time. We do this to develop rapport and a commitment of trust between the cleaners and our clients. This also allows our cleaners to understand how the clients want their homes or offices cleaned, reducing costs and improving the consistency of our services. We also report any damage and non-cleaning concerns immediately and make repair suggestions through our property management services.

Our Cleaning Services

  • Commercial Office: Surgical Center Cleaning
  • Dump Runs
  • Garage and Basement Cleanouts
  • New/Post-Construction Cleaning Detail
  • Seasonal, Weekly, or Saturday Changeovers
  • Spring and Routine Cleaning
Wooden Bedroom Interior Design

Our Products

Simple Septic Solutions

The Next Generation in Septic System Treatments

Simple Septic Solutions is an injector unit that contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest household waste. It is easily installed by replacing the small tubing in your toilet tank with this unit’s tubing. Millions of enzyme-active bacteria of 16 desired species are then continuously released into the water that flows through your toilet and drainpipes with every flush.


As the bacteria travel through your drainpipes into the septic tank, their cells are actively growing and requiring nutrients. The organic waste in drainpipes is their natural food, so your drainpipes become clear. Once the bacteria have reached your septic tank, the enzymes continue to clear the sludge. The healthy bacterial balance maintained by Simple Septic Solutions in your septic tank means that the liquid released into your leach field is free of solids and can flow naturally into the ground with no buildup or odor.

Why Purchase Simple Septic Solutions?

  • It can be easily installed within two minutes.
  • It can save you thousands of dollars in septic system repairs.
  • It has been proven to heal many systems that are thought to need replacement.
  • It is all-American made.
  • It is guaranteed to reduce sludge, clean drainpipes, and reduce odor for both private septic systems and city sewage connections.
  • It is non-hazardous and safe for children, pets, and the environment.
  • It is the only natural, eco-friendly product that is continually effective. No other product can make this claim.
  • It operates continually for four months.
  • It overcomes the harmful effects of soaps, detergents, bleaches, greases, oils, cleaning agents, harsh chemicals, and anti-bacterial medications on septic systems. 
  • It provides the best treatment to ensure a sound septic system.
  • This patented product maintains a continual and natural balanced system.
Septic Solutions Infographic

Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Products

Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Products are made of premium plant-based materials. They are safe to use around children and pets. Powerful, effective, and reasonably priced, they are the right choice for your home.

Why Purchase Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Products?

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Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Product Infographics

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