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Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Products

Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Products are made of premium plant based materials. Safe to use around children and pets. Powerful, effective, and reasonably priced, they are the right choice for your home.

All Natural • Biodegradable • Chemical Free!

Dragon Fly Organix All Natural Cleaners

24 ounce sprays - $7.99 plus shipping and handling

  • The only natural, eco-friendly  product that is continually effective

  • No other product can make this claim

  • The best treatment to assure a sound septic system

  • Guaranteed to reduce sludge, clean drain pipes and reduce odor for both private septic systems and city sewage connections

  • The patented product maintains a continual & natural balanced system

  • Non-hazardous, safe for children, pets, and the environment

  • Easily installs within two minutes

  • Operates continually for 4 months

  • Overcomes the harmful effects on septic systems from soap, detergent, bleach, greases, oils, cleaning agents, harsh chemicals, and anti-bacterial medication

  • Can save thousands of dollars in septic system repairs

  • Has been proven to actually heal many systems thought to need replacement

  • All American made

Simple Septic Solutions is an injector unit that contains billions of 100% natural active bacteria and enzymes that have been scientifically proven to digest household waste.

The Simple Septic Solutions unit installs easily. By replacing the small tubing in your toilet tank with the tubing on the Simple Septic Solutions unit, millions of enzyme-active bacteria of 16 desired species are continuously released into the water that flows through your toilet and into your drain pipes with every flush.

As the bacteria travel through your drain pipes into the septic tank, the bacteria cells are actively growing and requiring nutrients. The organic waste in drain pipes is their natural food, so your drain pipes become clear. Then, once the bacteria have reached your septic tank, the enzymes continue to clear the sludge. The healthy bacterial balance maintained by SimpleSeptic Solutions in your septictankmeans that the liquid released into your leach field is free of solids and can flow naturally into the ground with no build-up or odor.

Simple Septic Solutions - $39.99 plus shipping and handling
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Simple Septic Solutions Products

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