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While our primary focus at Mayflower Homemakers is cleaning - residential, commercial, industrial and medical establishments - we would like to offer the following services in addition to our base of business.

End of Season Inspections  and Renovation Project Management

Cape Cod has a strong seasonal base of homeowners. Many of our clients will travel to the South and avoid the long and harsh winters here in the Northeast. Some wish to renovate while they are away. In a previous corporate life I managed at one time over 100 projects globally valued over $800M. You can trust my service and coordination of your renovation contractor to stay on budget and finish on time.

If you are a client of ours, we will offer a very competitive service for you and inspect your home weekly or on a specific schedule, over the winter. This way, we take the worry out of winter storms, wind gusts, and the unfortunate yet ever present vandalism a vacant property may be subjected towards, when left alone.

Service will include:

A wmv. file (small film) date stamped and sent to your email
Still jpg files (pictures taken of any damages) - date stamped.
There is a $45/visit charge, including the wmv. File and email to your address of choice.

If any damages or vandalism occurs, we can advise the police and you about it and make plans on your behalf to resolve them prior to the following year opening through our Property Management Services.

Give us a call at Mayflower Homemakers, 508-444-6400

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