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Do you own or lease a business on Cape Cod?

After an initial deep cleaning service is performed, we will gladly clean any commercial based business; an office, a doctor's office, bank branches, clinics, daycare centers, surgical centers, restaurants (front end only) wholesale and retail businesses on a routine basis, as per our clients' individual needs. We will be happy to quote on any commercial business and have 1-2 person cleaning crews perform the following tasks after regular business hours:

  • Vacuum floors and carpets
  • Vacuum stairwells and hallways
  • Flat areas damp cloth dusted
  • Disinfect door handles
  • Remove trash
  • Remove shredded material
  • Sanitize tub, commode, tiles & floors
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Damp mop all wood floors
  • Window sills & tracks cleaned
  • Damp cloth dust all cabinet fronts
  • Move rolling furniture
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Sanitize all public areas
  • Clean and shine chrome fixtures
  • Sink, countertops disinfected

Refrigerators must be kept clean to be safe. Keeping your refrigerator at the recommended temperature of 40 degrees F is a must. Bacteria can grow and contaminate the contents. If it is not cleaned properly and regularly, unpleasant odors and un-safe microbes begin to develop.

  • Remove & sanitize all shelves Solution wash entire inside of Fridge
  • Crevice cleaning and sanitizing Clean door seal
  • Baking Soda placement Organize food placement
  • Remove all items every week (as needed)
  • Solution wash entire inside of Fridge
  • Clean door seal
  • Organize food placement

Give us a call at Mayflower Homemakers, 508-444-6400.

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Mayflower Homemakers offers professional residential and commercial cleaning services on Cape Cod.