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Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning with a dry system. We also offer stain guard to protect your carpets from future soiling.Mayflower Homemakers offers a Dry Carpet Cleaning System.

Carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis to extend the wear of the carpet. High trafficked areas become run down and matted and will collect dirt and grime rather easily.

There are three things needed to effectively clean a soiled carpet.

  1. A surfactant (cleaner)
  2. An enzyme to loosen dirt from the fibers of the carpet
  3. Heat

We utilize a recognized national brand system, which is safe for the environment; safe for children and pets and effective for cleaning the carpet and removing difficult stains.

We can also offer a Stain Guard to help protect your carpet fibers for future cleaning.

Our service includes vacuuming the area, pre-treating stains, removal of most organic based stains, general cleaning and post cleaning vacuuming.

We are very competitive in our pricing and service.

Give us a call at Mayflower Homemakers, 508-444-6400.

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Mayflower Homemakers offers professional residential and commercial cleaning services on Cape Cod.