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While our primary focus at Mayflower Homemakers is cleaning - residential, commercial, industrial and medical establishments - WELCOME TO DANNY'S DETAILING SERVICE, where I offer auto detailing at your home, in addition to our base of business.

This is a great service for a special day or anniversary, surprise birthday, thank you for a job well done, or if you want to get your car/truck ready for re-sale. And it is done at your home, on your schedule. There is no need to move the car/truck. If you are a seasonal client, I can detail your car while you are away over the Fall or Winter, and have it nice and clean when you return.

I have a passion for cars. Our cars are always clean inside and out. In my high school and college days, I caddied at a private country club. At the end of every round, I presented my business flyer to the twosome or foursome and offered to detail their cars at their home. When I clean the vehicle for the first time, I use a multi-step process and use consumer recognized names and brands.

Service Offered:

Hand Car Wash
Hand Towel Dry
(4) step cleaning process, cleaner, polish, wax, and wheels/tires
Interior/Trunk - Vacuum, Vinyl or Leather cleaner and moisturizer and windows

In essence, I am 'on the vehicle' five or six times, and only will schedule 1 car or truck per day.

For monthly upkeep:

Hand Car Wash
Hand Towel Dry
Maintenance Wax (Polish and Wax)
Wheel & Tires
Interior/Trunk - Vacuum, Vinyl or Leather cleaner and moisturizer and windows

Give us a call at Mayflower Homemakers, 508-444-6400.

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